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Intensification of processes of complex wastewater industrialized urban centers



Authors:Meshkova-Klymenko N.A., Gomelya M.D., Epoyan S.M., Nezdoyminov V.I., Chernyshev V.N., Kashkovskij V.I., Kavitska A.O., Smolin S.K., Evdokimenko V.O.


Presented by Institute of colloid and water chemistry NAN of Ukraine.


Urgentscientific and technical problem of creating and implementing of waste water purification complex technology of industrial and urban centers to reduce the load on the environment, substantial reduce of fresh water intake and assistance to the ecosystems sustainable development has been solved in the work.

Scientific principles and methodology of creation of isolated water consumption systems, which are based on the idea of reasonable use of natural biological potential of water systems, have been developed. New water consumption systems preventing toxic inorganic and organic substances moving to the water supply sources have been proposed. These systems substantially decrease the number of chemicals in the cleaning process.

Anew scientific solutions of biological water purification intensification have been proposed by using methodology of mathematical modeling, theoretically  based new methods of membrane filtration, adsorption, dewatering of activated sludge and high moisture capacity depositions with the using of capillary action filter materials, geotextile materials.

New technologies of waste water purification from surfactants, petroleum products, ions of heavy and non-ferrous metals, new sludge dewatering technologies have been developed and implemented at Ukrainian central stations and local industrial buildings. New designs of sewage disposal installations have been created. New technology of the efficient carbon sorbents obtaining from the anthracite of Donetsk Basin has been worked out. A technology of waste water purification has been implemented in the waste water treatment plants of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odessa, Artemivsk, Makeevka, Kaniv and urban-type community Novyi Svit, Golma, Avdotino, Novomyhajlivka.

The difference in the developed technologies and similar models between the foreign countries and Ukraine lies in a rational combination of biological processes with the different requirements to the conditions of their occurrence in the same installation, combining of the physical, chemical and biological processes, and utilization of water purification waste products. For example, deposition processing technology allows eliminating the organic sediment part not less than 95%, while this parameter does not exceed 65% according to the technology proposed by Degremon Company (France). An economic effect from the introduction of new developed technologies is 5 million 716 thousand UAH per year.


Research results have been presented in 5 monographs, over 342 articles. Total citation index of publications is 315 (according to the databases SCOPUS), h-index = 13. Novelty and competitive ability of technical solutions have been protected by 63 patents.6 doctoral and 28candidate's dissertations have been defended by this subject area.