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Life world and psychological security of the human in conditions of social changes

Work number - P 16 AWARDED

Authors: M. M. Sliusarevskiy, L. A. Naydyonova, T. M. Tytarenko, V. O. Tatenko, P. P. Gornostay, O. M. Kochubeynyk, B. P. Lazorenko


Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NationalAcademy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine


The aim of the work is to identify the potential of personal development of a human and to determine the ways of psychological security increasing in conditions of social change in different scope – from global civilizational changes to processes in the field of inter-group and interpersonal relations, caused by reforms carried out in society and by challenges of hybrid war against Ukraine.

The scientific novelty of the work is determined by the study of life world as the highest social value which is the first study in Ukrainian socio-humanitarian science, taking into account the achievements of foreign experience. There are proposed a number of theories, conceptual models, typologies, periodizations and other forms of presentation of new socio-psychological knowledge. The special methods are used to provide a systematic analytical and predictive explanation of the essential content of the psychological aspect of human existence, to empirically confirm the patterns of psychological well-being acquired by a person in contradictory and complex conditions of modern times.

The practical significance of the study carried out during all scientific work is as following: the formulated conclusions and suggestions are used in the preparation of textbooks and manuals that are widely implemented in the education system, for the development of educational programs, diagnostic, and correctional psychological tools, in technologies for providing psychological assistance to various categories of the population, in deployment of media education in the country. The obtained results areimplemented in numerous informational and analytical materials submitted to the central and local governmentalbodies, expert conclusions, observations and proposals to the law bills.

Number of major publications: 176, including 22 monographs, 116 articles, 38 textbooks and manuals, methodological and popular scientific publications. According to scientific database Google Sholar, the total number of references to authors' works is 7274, h-index (at work)= 25. There are received 22 copyright certificates. There are defended 14 doctoral and 32 candidate's theses on within the subject of work.