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High productive maize hybrids (selection, biotechnology, seed production)


Presented Institute of Grain Crops of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

1. DZIUBETSKYI Borys V. – Academician of NAAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Department of SE “Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine”;
2. CHERCHEL Vladyslav. Yu. – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Director of SE “Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine”;
3. SATAROVA Tetiana M. – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of SE “Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine”;
4. KYRPA Mykola Ya., – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Deputy Director of SE “Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine”;
5. BODENKO Natalia A. – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Scientific Secretary of SE “Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine”;
6. LAVRYNENKO Yurii O. – Corresponding Member of NAAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of NAAS of Ukraine;
7.CHERNOBUY Larysa M. – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of the Plant Production Institute nd.a.V.Ya.Yuryev of NAAS of Ukraine;
8. STASIV Oleg F. - Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Director of the Institute of Agriculture of the Carpathian region of NAAS of Ukraine.

The principles of selection, biotechnology and seed production of high productive maize hybrids of different directions of use, adapted to natural and climatic zones of Ukraine, resistant to stress biotic and abiotic factors, are scientifically substantiated on the basis of many years of investigations of the authors' team.

A basic collection of maize inbreds  of germplasms Iodent, Lancaster, Reid (BSSS), Mix has been created to provide a complete transition to  own breeding materials when producing new lines.

For the first time in Ukraine, the authors’ team started a new breeding direction on  rapid  maturity, which provided stable grain yields and economic efficiency of cultivation of FAO 150-300 maize hybrids in different agro-climatic zones of Ukraine, models of rapid-maturing maize hybrids were proposed. Principles of maize hybrids creation for different directions of use are developed: with maximum gross starch harvest per area unit; increased content of carotenoids, in particular β-carotene, anthocyanins, soluble sugars; silage type using intersubspecific crosses. A complex system of biotechnological providing  for the creation, testing and selection of breeding material using molecular genetic and cell-engineering methods has been developed. For the first time in Ukraine the method of haploidy was introduced into the breeding process, which allows to reduce 2-3 times the term of the creation of maize lines and hybrids.

An innovative technical and technological system of harvesting, processing and storage of the grain harvest  has been developed. The regulatory framework for seed production has been introduced.

 235 high producrive maize hybrids were listed into the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine, 31 hybrids were registered in Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

  New hybrids have provided an increase in the average maize grain yield in Ukraine from 2.3 t / ha to 7.2 t / ha in 2019, with irrigation forming a yield of 16-17 t / ha.

Number of publications: 649, incl. 20 monographs, 9 textbooks, 620 articles. The total number of links to author publications / h-index of work, according to the databases is respectively: Scopus - 3/1, Google Shcolar - 849/8. 2 patents of Ukraine for the invention have been received. 11 doctoral and 60 PhD theses are defended on this subject.