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Diversification of supply of natural gas as a constituent of energy security of the state

Work number - P 26 FILED

Presented by the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas


Authors: (Poberezhny Lyubomyr Yaroslavovych, Maruschak Pavlo Orestovych, Zvirko Olga Ivanivna, Zapukhlyak Vasyl Bogdanovych, Kaptsov Ivan Ivanovych, Shimko Roman Yaroslavovych, Frolov Vadym Anatoliyevych)


The aim of the work is the development of scientific approaches to ensure stable operation of the gas transmission system of Ukraine in the context of diversification of natural gas supplies, justification of the reliability of its operation.


On the basis of theoretical studies, the authors proposed an integrated approach, which ensures the optimization of the performance of such facilities, starting with installation, reliable diagnostics of their current technical condition during the development period and development of measures aimed at extending the resource (before their planned decommissioning).


Scientific bases have been created to ensure the efficient use of our own fuel and energy base, to optimize and diversify sources and ways of supplying energy resources to Ukraine in order to ensure the vital activity of the population and the functioning of the national economy in the normal, emergency and martial law mode.


Basic conceptual foundations have been formed to ensure the diversification of gas supply sources in order to prevent critical dependence on a single supplier and to effectively operate the gas transmission system of Ukraine.


Technological and constructive measures are proposed for extending the life of gas trunk systems based on scientific solutions, servicing compressor station equipment, choosing strategies for monitoring technical condition parameters, planning preventive repairs or replacing gas-pumping units.


Implemented technological methods to increase the survivability of pipeline systems based on optimization of pumping modes and increasing the reliability of technical diagnostics of the state of elements of the gas transmission system.


The results obtained are a significant contribution to world science. The results of the work were introduced at the enterprises of the metallurgical and oil and gas complexes.

The economic effect from the implementation of the results of work - 37.0 millions grn.

Number of publications: On the topic of work were published: 8 monographs, 364 articles, 8 patents for invention were received, 52 patents for utility model. The total number of citations in the Scopus database is 552, Google Scholar is 1105.

The citation index for work on the Scopus database is 12 WoS 11, Google Scholar is 13. On this subject 4 DSc, and 8 PhD's theses have been defended.