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Polymer composites based on thermoplastic relatives


Presented by the Dniprovsk State Technical University

Authors: BuryaA.I., Yeriomina Ye.A., Lysenko A.B., Konchits A.A, Morozov A.F.

The aim of the work is creation of scientific and technological preconditions for production new generation of polymer composite materials (PCM) based on thermoplastic binders, that, according to technical and economic indicators, exceed the world's analogues and have the prospect of implementation in various fields of civil and defense industry.

The authors, on the base of theoretical researches and experiments, are identified the optimal combinations of polymer-filler and technological regimes for the production a wide range of new PCM, and also are implemented complex researches of their thermophysical, physico-mechanical and tribological properties.

It was developed the scientific basis for exploring interaction mechanisms of polymer matrix with fillers on the atomic-molecular level, and also conceptual approaches for the elucidation of the patterns of structure and properties formation of composites.

Unique technologies of production basic compositions of polymer-filler in a rotating electromagnetic field, modification of fiber fillers by nanoparticles of chemical elements or compounds are offered and also creation of hybrid composites, with the use of that a number of new PCM are obtained on the basis of aliphatic and aromatic polyamides with fillers of different nature, shapes and sizes.

Has been implemented complex of fundamental, experimental and technological researches of new PCM with the improved properties and measures on their practical use in the field of modernization of machines and mechanisms, including special equipment.

Most of the results presented in the work are such that they were obtained at first in Ukraine, and some, above all, previously unknown qualitative and quantitative polymer-filler combinations, that provide specified combinations of useful properties developed PCM, are outstripped by all the critical indicators and foreign analogues.

The effectiveness of new PCM based on thermoplastic binders is confirmed by numerous examples of their use in sealing elements, slide bearings, gear wheels, spherical hinges, details of transportation mechanisms and special equipment. The effective impact and extent of implementation the results of work are achieved by using technical specifications developed by the authors (TS 6-06-31-424-83, TS 6-06-31-424-83, TS 0493679-21-85) for the production of new PCM based on thermoplastic binders on enterprises of metallurgical, machine-building and instrument making industries, urban passenger transport, and also defense sector.

Cost impacts of normative use on Ukrainian enterprises developed by PCM, calculated for the period of 2000-2018 years its total amount is about one billion fifteen million seven hundred thousand UAH.

Number of publications: 2250, including 20  monographs, 700 articles. According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications is 579,  h - index 22; according to the Google Shcolar database, the total number of links - 876, h - index 28. Innovation and utility of technical solutions are protected by 300 patents. On this subject have been defended 15 candidate's theses.