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Scientific bases and technologies of anthracite replacement at thermal power plants

Work number - P 23 AWARDED

 Інститутом вугільних енерготехнологій НАН України

Автори:  к.т.н. Чернявський М.В., д.т.н. Дунаєвська Н.І., к.т.н. Провалов О.Ю., к.т.н. Бабенко І.А., Кравець П.П., Моісеєнко О.В., Мірошниченко Є.С. , ак. НАН України Майстренко О.Ю.,

The main scientific achievements of the work that have gained international recognition are the determination of the kinetic characteristics of pyrolysis and combustion of coals of different degrees of metamorphism and biomass, the improvement of the methods for calculating the dynamics of combustion of fuels and fuel mixtures in the conditions of a pulverized coal flame, methods for assessing the inclination of coal dust to spontaneous ignition and explosion.

On this basis, technologies are worked out for combustion in existing anthracite boiler units of imported fuels with non-project characteristics, mixtures of anthracite with domestic bituminous coal and plant biomass. Their introduction at the Zmiyivska, Trypilska, Slovyanska, Kryvorizka TPPs, at the Darnytska, Chernihivska and Sumska CHPPs,which due to this provided uninterrupted energy supplies in 2014-2018, allowed to replace more than 6.9 million tons of anthracite with domestic bituminous coal and imported fuels, to save more than 60 million m3 of gas.

Pursuant to the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 37/2017 “On the decision of the National Security Council of Ukraine on February 16, 2017 “On urgent measures to neutralize the threats to the energy security of Ukraine and to enhance the protection of critical infrastructure”, in a short time technologies for converting anthracite boilers to bituminous coal with maximum use of the existing equipment were developed and implemented at the Mironivska and Tripilska TPPs. For the first time in the world, at the Tripilska TPP two anthracite power units with a capacity of 300 MW each were transferred to bituminous coal, the cost savings due to the developed technical solutions amounted to UAH 90.7 million, the economic effect from the operation of the power unit №4 in 2018 - UAH 372.3 million. The total confirmed economic effect of the work is 647 million UAH.

Number of publications: 3 monographs, 118 articles (14 - in foreign editions), 10 national standards of Ukraine, 4 standards of enterprises, 2 patents of Ukraine. The total number of references to the authors' publications is 268 (according to the Google Scholar database), h-index = 13. 2 doctoral and 8 PhD's dissertations have been defended on this topic.