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2015, National Award / State prizes

Number Title of work Presentation
P1 Properties of neutrino and weak interactions, search for effects beyond the Standard Model, investigation of rare nuclear decays (Number of comments: 41)
P13 The cycle of scientific papers "Modeling and methods of calculation and optimization of stress state of nonhomogeneous structures caused by the action of fields of different physical nature" (Number of comments: 12)
P15 Scientific, technological, organizational and promotional basis for the creation of a new instrument complex stabilizing arms lightly armored vehicles (Number of comments: 54)
P18 Methods and newest approaches to design, management and application of high performance IT-infrastructures (Number of comments: 63)
P21 The series of scientific works "Optimization Methods and Information-Communication Technologies for Analysis and Control of Complex Processes and Systems" (Number of comments: 39)
P22 Monitoring of objects in the priori uncertainty information sources (Number of comments: 23)
P23 А series of the work «Polarimetry of high information capacity and products based on it» (Number of comments: 20)
P29 A series of monographs on the subject “Modern dynamics of materials and structural elements” (Number of comments: 8)
P31 А series of the works "Functional properties of the bulk and surface ordered systems and fabrication of new metal-containing materials and structures" (Number of comments: 35)
P33 Development and implementation of technologies providing technogenic and environmental safety in the coal mining regions under the liquidation of the mining enterprises of Ukraine (Number of comments: 32)
P34 The series of the works "The formation of fields with definite time, space-energy, and polarization characteristics by electrodynamic structures" (Number of comments: 43)
P39 Thermobaric and geodynamic conditions and prospects for oil and gas sedimentary basins of Ukraine (Number of comments: 23)
P43 Цикл наукових праць "Структура і динаміка геофізичних полів як відображення еволюції та взаємодії геосфер в Антарктиці" (Number of comments: 51)
P44 of the cycle of works "Physics, dynamics and statystics of comets, minor planets and meteors: observations, discoveries, and new models». (Number of comments: 16)
P45 The state target defensive development programme of armament and military equipment of armed forces (system-conceptual framework, theory, realization) (Number of comments: 0)
Number Title of work Presentation
P25 A series of the work “Creation of theoretical fundamental and new materials for development of effective technologies of water purification” (Number of comments: 51)
P36 Energy efficient electromechanical systems of wide technological applications (Number of comments: 37)
P41 Scientific Fundamentals of Development and Implementation of Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Systems on the Basis of Aerospace and Terrestrial Research (Number of comments: 38)
P48 To series of scientific publications «Scientific basis of preservation and restoration of biotic and landscape diversity of Ukraine in a changing environment (Number of comments: 33)
Number Title of work Presentation
P8 Innovative medicines with neurotropic and immunotropic action: scientific bases, development, putting into production and introduction into medical practice (Number of comments: 46)
P24 Створення засобів та технологій еферентної терапії на основі нанокремнезему (Number of comments: 35)
P28 А series of the work "Minimal invasive surgical interventions in diseases of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas” (Number of comments: 61)
P35 A set of publications “Monoclonal and Recombinant Antibodies for Experimental Biology, Medicine and Veterinary” (Number of comments: 17)
P38 Advanced technologies for synthesis of nanosize powders used in materials and products of structural, functional and biomedical applications (Number of comments: 22)
P51 Development and implementation of highly effective antimicrobial agents for agriculture and medicine (Number of comments: 12)
Number Title of work Presentation
P4 for “Cybercop” training model (Number of comments: 2)
P5 The system of economic security as a subsystem of security (Number of comments: 15)
P12 Ostroh Academy of the 16-17-th centuries. An Encyclopedia (Number of comments: 0)
P14 „The legal doctrine of Ukraine” in 5 volumes (Number of comments: 80)
P17 Theoretical and methodological support and scientific provisions for adjustment of agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine to the challenges of market management within 1990–2014 (Number of comments: 65)
P19 A series of scientific papers «Scientific bases of environmentally sound and economically justified natural resource use in the conditions of agrolandscape and climatic limitations» (Number of comments: 41)
P40 The series of papers "The science of tourism: theoretical and praxeological basis of development" (Number of comments: 47)
P49 Scientific work “A series of works on the history of pedagogics” (Number of comments: 1)
Number Title of work Presentation
P2 Creation and introduction of drug-free hemp varieties (Number of comments: 41)
P3 System of technologies of grain storage and its processing to bakery, food and feedstuff products (Number of comments: 42)
P6 Development and implementation of innovative technologies on the process of carbon-graphite production making for electrometallurgy (Number of comments: 17)
P7 The integrated complex with the development and maintenance of hybrid cars (Number of comments: 0)
P9 Modern building materials and structural systems for the construction of affordable housing and infrastructure (Number of comments: 57)
P10 Resource-saving technologies and equipment in apparel and textile industry (Number of comments: 18)
P11 Technology Development and Industrial Organization of Landfill Greenhouse Gas Utilization in Power Plants (Number of comments: 49)
P16 Scientific begrounding and installation in production of innovations methods to increase of sizes of high quality milk and beef production in Ukraine (Number of comments: 21)
P20 Elaboration and application to the production of innovative resource energy retain technologies of pork production. (Number of comments: 0)
P26 Цикл наукових праць "Інноваційні методи та засоби радіометричного контролю властивостей матеріалів і речовин для наукових, прикладних та виробничих потреб" (Number of comments: 29)
P27 System of certified grapevine planting material production in Ukraine (Number of comments: 42)
P30 Development, implementation and effectiveness of a complex system of veterinary and zootechnical measures of prevention and rehabilitation of livestock of Ukraine against bovine leucosis (Number of comments: 31)
P32 Series of engines and aggregates for special equipment (Number of comments: 16)
P37 The series of works «Optimization of biological processes in agro-ecosystems in order to improve their productivity and sustainability» (Number of comments: 69)
P42 Creating a new generation compressor equipment (Number of comments: 7)
P46 Controllable effects of plastic deformation of product pieces for metallurgy and transport (Number of comments: 18)
P47 AN-148-100/AN-158 airplane design, building and setting into operation (Number of comments: 10)
P50 Development and implementation of the complex of safe operation means for railway transport (Number of comments: 20)
P52 Створення випробувального комплексу ракетно-космічної техніки (Number of comments: 8)
Number Title of work Presentation
П1 Technical and technology of water well drilling (Number of comments: 19)
П2 А series of the work «GEOLOGY» (Number of comments: 21)
П3 Pharmacology (Number of comments: 103)
П4 Ветеринарне акушерство, гінекологія та біотехнологія відтворення тварин з основами андрології (Number of comments: 52)
П5 Agricultural Entomology (Number of comments: 1)