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President's Award, 2024

Number Title of work Presentation
M5 Technological support of high-performance, high-quality blade processing of products made of difficult-to-process structural steels (Number of comments: 18)
M10 Encodings of real numbers and pathological locally complicated objects of mathematical analysis (Number of comments: 6)
M13 An information-oriented model of risk prediction in food and environmental security based on artificial intelligence in the context of martial law (Number of comments: 8)
M15 Models and methods of determining the load of railway vehicles for containers transportation (Number of comments: 19)
M22 Spectroscopy of excited states of atoms and ions in metal vapor plasma: mechanisms of elementary processes (Number of comments: 1)
M23 New materials based on multicomponent chalcogenides of (Cu, Ag), DIV(Si, Ge, Sn), DII (Fe, Mn, Co, Ni) and REM: crystal structure and properties (Number of comments: 4)
M26 Functional micromaterials and layered nanostructured systems as promising protective elements for nuclear/fusion energy industry. (Number of comments: 24)
M28 The deep structure of the lithosphere of Ukraine according to geoelectrical research data (Number of comments: 16)
M30 Structural systems for the buildings restoration and structures damaged as a result of military operations (Number of comments: 20)
M32 Substantiation, development and synthesis of the innovative ecosystem of robotics in Ukraine on the basis of the laboratory FabLab MiRONAFT (Number of comments: 0)
M33 Development of new analytical methods for calculating stresses in concentration zones of thin-sheet butt-welded joints (Number of comments: 0)
Number Title of work Presentation
M19 Екосистемні сервіси ґрунтової біоти річкового басейну за умов мілітарного впливу та глобальних змін клімату (Number of comments: 0)
M21 Innovative energy-efficient heliocollectors, integrated into external protections of buildings (Number of comments: 13)
M39 Innovative technologies for post-war restoration and modernization of ships and port infrastructure using robotics to increase their energy efficiency, (Number of comments: 24)
Number Title of work Presentation
M1 Складнооксидні сполуки лужних та полівалентних металів як основа новітніх матеріалів для оптоелектронного та біомедичного застосування (Number of comments: 7)
M8 Solid solutions based on oxides of zirconium, yttrium, and rare earth elements as a basis for creating the latest functional materials for optical and medical purposes (Number of comments: 6)
M16 Neurochemical, receptor and biotransport mechanisms of antiepileptic action of propoxazepam in the general strategy of development of an innovative drug (Number of comments: 17)
M17 Azaheterocycles. the searching of highly active molecules as potential drug candidates (Number of comments: 11)
M18 Proteins’ obtaining and application for diagnosis and treatment of infectious and non-infectious diseases (Number of comments: 40)
M25 Нові технології діагностики та лікування хвороб пародонта, м’яких тканин щелепно-лицевої ділянки (Number of comments: 4)
M31 Novel multifunctional catalysts for the production and utilization of "green" hydrogen for advanced energetics and modern chemical production (Number of comments: 0)
M34 Механізми розвитку патологічних станів, асоційованих з ожирінням, та розробка методів їх корекції (Number of comments: 28)
M37 Identification of biomarkers panels for predicting high progression risk prostate cancer at course (Number of comments: 19)
Number Title of work Presentation
M2 The modern system of criminal legislation of Ukraine: the mechanism of creation and implementation (Number of comments: 20)
M11 European integration of the law enforcement sphere of Ukraine in the conditions of the legal regime of martial law (Number of comments: 35)
M12 Economic security of agricultural enterprises: the way to sustainable development in times of war (Number of comments: 0)
M14 The relations between Ukraine and Europe in the early modern era: a study of a rare old printed books of the 17-th century (Number of comments: 5)
M24 Digital innovation as a driving force of business competitiveness (Number of comments: 4)
M29 Environmental safety of Ukraine under martial law: overcoming threats and dangers (Number of comments: 25)
M35 Development of creative leadership in the innovative activity of Ukrainian entrepreneurs (Number of comments: 0)
M36 The strategisation of modernisation recovery of the infrastructure sector of Ukraine (Number of comments: 25)
M38 Key land management measures to ensure the capacity of territorial communities: boundaries, restrictions, monitoring, evaluation (Number of comments: 30)
Number Title of work Presentation
M3 Complex methodology for the assessment of irrigation demands in Ukraine considering current climatic transformations using information technologies (Number of comments: 16)
M4 Risks and consequences assessment of bromine compounds to poultry products exposure (Number of comments: 1)
M6 Formation of the planting material of giant miscanthus (Number of comments: 1)
M7 Fundamentals of improving phytosanitary status and increasing plantations productivity and horticultural products quality (Number of comments: 7)
M9 Профілактичні заходи заразних хвороб бджіл на пасічних господарствах (Number of comments: 11)
M20 Creation of reliable and survivability granaries in conditions of war and the global food crisis (Number of comments: 3)
M27 Technologies for rapid restoration of destroyed constructions, buildings and structures (Number of comments: 1)