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President's Award

Number Title of work Presentation
M62 Pulse magnetic fields for progressive technologies. Magnetic-impulse technology for forming the automobiles body elements (Number of comments: 0)
M62 A series of works "Novel nanostructures based on group III-nitrides: structural, optical and electronic properties" (Number of comments: 20)
M62 Film cooling systems of high performance gas turbine blades (Number of comments: 22)
M63 Energy-efficient way of obtaining high-quality low-carbon steel wire with the use of severe plastic deformation (Number of comments: 14)
M64 А series of the work" The influence of the magnetic field, laser аnd ion radiation at the crystallization and change of magne (Number of comments: 0)
M65 Plasma and plasma-catalytic reforming of hydrocarbons into synthesis gas (Number of comments: 9)
M65 А series of the work "Properties of dark matter using astrophysical data" (Number of comments: 8)
M65 Theory development and computer simulations of confined soft matter objects (Number of comments: 13)
M65 Innovative structural and technological solutions for aerospace engineering aggregates made of polymer composite materials (Number of comments: 23)
M66 The pyrolysis of hydrocarbon gases in the electrothermal fluidised bed (Number of comments: 0)
M66 Nonlinear deformation and buckling of axially compressed cylindrical shells with essentially non-uniform stress-strain state (Number of comments: 0)
M66 Series of the work "Development of the analytical-numerical methods for analysis of the resonant interaction of electromagnetic (Number of comments: 3)
M67 Creation of innovative computer-integrated technological complexes for the production of intellectual polymeric and silicate composite materials (Number of comments: 20)
M67 Information technology for modeling development processes of tourist and information communication systems based on physical analogies (Number of comments: 28)
M68 Development of criteria and methods for assessing the phase composition of slag melts to select the sound mode slag blast furnac (Number of comments: 9)
M68 Створення нових надтвердих керамічних матеріалів для роботи в екстремальних умовах (Number of comments: 31)
M68 А series of the work "Ionospheric manifestations of acoustic-gravity waves under quiet and disturbed conditions" (Number of comments: 12)
M69 Innovative design and technological solutions of manufacturing thin-walled bimetallic elements for engineering products (Number of comments: 0)
M69 Thermal stresses of layered thermosensitive bodies under complex heat exchange with an environment (Number of comments: 2)
M69 An Increase in Productivity and Quality of Large Details from High-Strength Steels (Number of comments: 21)
M69 Integrated methane receiving method for geotechnological development of natural and technogenic deposits (Number of comments: 8)
M69 Computer modeling of dynamic objects with complex transfer functions using chain-fraction approximations (Number of comments: 0)
M70 А series of the work "Development of new functional materials based on refractory oxides and alkali metal halides by controlled (Number of comments: 6)
M70 А series of the work "Ionospheric manifestations of acoustic-gravity waves under quiet and disturbed conditions" (Number of comments: 4)
M70 Series of scientific and technical papers «Integrated improvement of reliability and effectiveness of reinforced-concrete and stone buildings in seismic hazard conditions» (Number of comments: 3)
M71 Models and algorithms of diagnosticating of technical objects with plural refuses (on the example of aviation engines) (Number of comments: 33)
M72 Application of new operator-functional approaches to development of effective numerical methods for solving modern problems in natural sciences (Number of comments: 16)
M72 А series of the work "Nonequilibrium pattern formation processes in irradiated crystal systems" (Number of comments: 0)
M72 Mathematical models of contact and impact interaction of mechanical systems elements: theoretical basis and practical implementation (Number of comments: 13)
M72 A series of the work «Modeling of thermal and wave processes on the basis of boundary and non-local problems» (Number of comments: 30)
M73 Study of boundary behavior of mappings in metric spaces and their generalization (Number of comments: 16)
M73 Development of the electroactive nanostructurized polymer materials with different nature of conductivity for multifuctional app (Number of comments: 23)
M73 The series of works "Multiwavelength investigation of galaxies and active galactic nuclei on the basic of the nearby and distant sky surveys" (Number of comments: 2)
M75 Neuroevolutionary methods of information processing and control (Number of comments: 0)
M76 Methods for evaluation of efficiency of structural elements of power equipment in hydrogenation (Number of comments: 20)
M76 Multiagent information technology of diagnosis of computer systems of the existence of the botnets in corporate area network (Number of comments: 0)
M78 А series of the work “Nanostructurally-modified chalcogenide vitreous media for high-reliable optoelectronic” (Number of comments: 8)
M78 Constructions for energy efficient restoration of building, suffered by emergencies (Number of comments: 14)
M79 Formation conditions of native copper mineralization in volcanites of trappean formation within western Volyn (Number of comments: 7)
M79 Innovative solutions for railway transport to minimize the risk of emergencies and increasing energy efficiency on the ways with different track gauge (Number of comments: 3)
M80 Applying multiscale modeling methods to analysis of systems under irradiation (Number of comments: 15)
M80 A series of scientific papers "Physical properties of open heterosystems as functional elements of nanodevices" (Number of comments: 11)
M80 Increasing of productivity and quality of forming images of three-dimensional objects in opto-electronic systems (Number of comments: 0)
M81 Scientific and practical principles of creation and implementation of volume and flow rate gas standards of a new generation (Number of comments: 0)
M81 А series of the work “Reduction of matrices over the ring of finite stable range ” (Number of comments: 5)
M85 Flow cavitator of high intensity ultrasonic for liquid environments processing. (Number of comments: 18)
M87 А series of the work «Modeling and forecasting fuel economy and ecological safety of the car in traffic flow» (Number of comments: 0)
M88 Development of a complex of resource-saving technologies and materials for the purpose of increase of stability of linings of converters and the steel-pouring of ladles (Number of comments: 7)
M90 Development of pulse fuzzy logical and neural elements for telecommunication networks (Number of comments: 18)
M91 Theoretical and experimental aspects of high-energy particle fluxes and irradiation formation from dense plasma (Number of comments: 17)
M92 Development of the physical foundations of design and technological solutions of the newest optoelectronics devi (Number of comments: 21)
M92 Development of methods modify the properties of the coal charge and create optimal conditions for coke ovens produce high quality coke (Number of comments: 18)
M95 A series of works “Synthesis, structure and luminescence properties of bismuth and zirconium oxide compounds” (Number of comments: 20)
M96 Система інсерційного моделювання (Number of comments: 0)
M98 А series of works “Spectroscopy of thermal multicomponent plasma of electric arc discharge with copper admixture” (Number of comments: 5)
M99 Creation of the low-power intellectual information managing systems of the rolling stock of Ukrainian railways (Number of comments: 26)
M99 "Mathematical and experimental methods for determination and optimization the characteristics of passive mine protection of armo (Number of comments: 14)
M104 Theoretical research and development of methods of computerization of power networks of railways of Ukraine as the basis of energy saving and safety of traffic (Number of comments: 18)
M107 А series of the works «Functional-analytical methods in modern theory of nonlinear dynamical systems and their applications» (Number of comments: 7)
Number Title of work Presentation
M6 Thermochemical processes in the electrothermal fluidized bed (Number of comments: 8)
M8 The creation of energy-efficient cogeneration installation low power on biomass (Number of comments: 26)
M9 Ecological assessment and phytoremediation of oil-contaminated soil (Number of comments: 2)
M10 Thermochemical processes in high-temperature electrothermal fluidized-bed (Number of comments: 9)
M11 Автори: к.т.н. Шевченко О.М., к.т.н. Суходуб І.О., к.т.н. Буяк Н.А., к.т.н. Божко І.К. Представлено Національним технічним університетом України "Київський політехнічний інститут імені Ігоря Сікорського". Розвинуто методичні аспекти, методи та моделі ене (Number of comments: 21)
M11 А series of works: «Urbometeorological aspects of air pollution of Kiev city» (Number of comments: 37)
M12 Information technologies for assessment of anthropogenic impact to limnological systems of Ukraine (Number of comments: 17)
M12 Living conditions of population in large cities of Ukraine: socio-geographical research (Number of comments: 5)
M13 A series of scientific works "Integrated ecological-geochemical studies of the environment and prediction of environmental risks" (Number of comments: 20)
M15 Ecological and geochemical evaluation of protected areas landscapes (Number of comments: 24)
M15 Forecasting and management of the groundwater level of Ukraine large cities (Number of comments: 0)
M17 Fault-tolerant energy saving ac electric drive (Number of comments: 34)
M17 Scientific-technical and management approaches to increasing buildings energy efficiency (Number of comments: 16)
M17 Transformation of goethite and hematite of different origin to magnetite in aqueous medium for solving ecological problems of the iron ore regions (Number of comments: 0)
M18 New means of the control quality improvement of electromechanical object (Number of comments: 18)
M18 Measures and means to improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply, as well as reducing energy losses in renewable energy power systems (Number of comments: 19)
M19 Improving the efficiency of cogeneration steam turbines of powerful power units of heat power stations (Number of comments: 18)
M19 Methods and means of controlling the quality of fuels and increasing the effi-ciency of their combustion (Number of comments: 26)
M21 Physiological stability of plants in culturephytocenosis of industrial cities (Number of comments: 39)
M21 Geophysical provision of seismic resistance of atomic energy objects and other potentially hazardous objects (Number of comments: 17)
M21 Algorithms holistic assessment of river and estuary ekosystems of Ukraine (Number of comments: 26)
M22 The pyrolysis of hydrocarbon gases in the electrothermal fluidised bed (Number of comments: 1)
M24 Resource-renewable energy complexes of deep heat utilization with low-temperature condensation surfaces (Number of comments: 38)
M28 Ecology of wetlands and protection of biodiversity (Number of comments: 32)
M30 Estimation of cost characteristics of water resources of Ukraine (Number of comments: 24)
M31 Methods of environmental management estuaries northwest black sea region (Number of comments: 0)
M33 A series of the work “The scientific principles of energy saving by means of electric drive on the basis of instantaneous power (Number of comments: 30)
M33 Theoretical basis and methods of magnetic field calculation of high voltage cable (Number of comments: 0)
M34 Scientific grounds of terresttial molluscs’ conservation in Ukraine (Number of comments: 30)
M34 Geoenergetics, physical chemistry and hydrogeomechanics of loess massifs technogene-sis as a basis for their engineering antidegradation (Number of comments: 17)
M35 Newest thermal energy accumulators based on phase transitional organic compounds with improved heat conductor structure (Number of comments: 21)
M35 Energy efficiency diesel generator electromechanical systems vehicles (Number of comments: 14)
M35 The improvement of fuel efficiency and environmental charactaristics of diesel by using biodiesel (Number of comments: 2)
M37 Improving of fuel efficiency and environmental performance of gas turbines and gas reciprocating engines by plasmachemical and thermosorption technologies (Number of comments: 19)
M37 Research and methodological principles of building efficiency assurance using efficient heat supply and thermal protection systems (Number of comments: 28)
M38 Energy efficiency electrotechnical complexes with monitoring and control of operating parameters (Number of comments: 18)
M40 Gas sensors based on semiconductor porous layers (Number of comments: 0)
M42 Scientific fundamentals of electric transport effective integration into the urban infrastructure (Number of comments: 28)
M44 Spatial modeling of the influence landfill on the components environments using remote sensing methods and gis (Number of comments: 7)
M47 Improving the safety of the reactor plant with a VVER-1000 by improving the emergency feedwater pump drives technological equipment (Number of comments: 0)
M48 Combined energy accumulators based on phase-transition organic compounds with metal nanoparticles (Number of comments: 16)